Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nov 9 MLC

This week I had my first Mission Leadership Council (MLC) in which all the ZL's (Zone Leaders), STL's (Sister Trainer Leaders), Ap's (Assistants to the President) and president have a meeting and discuss certain topics and principles to be applied throughout the mission. Because our mission spans over two countries we only have a live MLC (where everyone flies into lusaka) once every 3 months. so this one was over skype among all 4 zones of the mission. It's cool to be a part of the council now but actually it wasn't much. Maybe it was just this MLC that was less monumental though because we were just reiterating the principles we've been implementing in the mission in order to stop tracting and find more through members.

We got a lot of time in the area this week compared to others because we had less errands so that was great and it allowed us to have some great lessons. We have quite a few great investigators! Actually on Sunday we were expecting a ton to come but then only 1 came and I was shocked. BUT we then found out later that day when we visited the Zulus that 5 others showed up to their house to be escorted there but the Zulus had already left! So we could've had many more! But still the one that came was awesome because it was a father who weve been working with and he's always had 'real excuses' as to why he and his wife haven't come to church and we were even considering to stop visiting them for some time, but now he came! His wife has been ill which is why they haven't come but now she's gotten a bit better and so she still couldn't come because he did! They lost a son a few years ago so the gospel has really touched them knowing there's hope to be with him again because of the plan of salvation.

We also spent some time at the hospital this week because Elder Barrett woke up with a giant lump on the bottom of his chin. It was like a golf ball was sticking out the bottom of his head! We still don't know what it is but he's gotten less self counsious about it and I've stopped laughing about it and it's receding anyways haha.

On Saturday there was a Stake Elders Quorum soccer tournament. I got to play the whole time but was wishing I could be subbed out but we didn't have enough players to do so haha. My cross-country stamina is completely gone! I was dying out there! I scored my penalty kick though, just sayin.

On Sunday, Carol and Rachel received the gift of the Holy Ghost and then Carol fed us that evening. I guess that's a sign that Carol has become fully converted now that shes' feeding the missionaries! Jk, but actually we do get fed so often in this area!

Love you and happy 24th anniversary to Mom and Dad!

Elder Grant Hiltbrand