Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dec 14 Back at it!

This week was another crazy week with MORE transfers! 

On Tuesday we picked up our Zone's new Sister Training Leaders from the airport and from there went straight to Zone Meeting. We had a good zone meeting in which we had presentations on how to receive revelation through prayer (Me and Elder Barrett), the importance of staying focused and being obedient (Elder Sagers and Elder Ssengooba), and also a presentation on keeping Christ at the center of Christmas (Elder Mohlakoana). I personally felt the meeting was good and helped us all to learn and sharpen our skills but it was a bit boring and low energy compared to our other meetings. I don't know if that's because of the transfers or what! Right after the meeting, we packed up the cars with 4 missionaries bags and went to the bus station for them to go up to the Copperbelt. Elder Zimene was one of those missionaries actually! We then received 4 missionaries from the Copperbelt and spent the remainder of the day taking them to their companions. The mission also received 3 new missionaries which is great because we are losing so many recently and they're having to close some areas due to the lack of missionaries. 

The next day we also had a few missionaries that were just passing through Lusaka that we took care of until Thursday when they had a flight to Lilongwe. Elder Scatena, one of my best friends here in Lusaka flew out on Thursday. I bet it's going to be crazy for him going to Malawi now because he began his mission here in Lusaka where it is a big city! I kept telling him that now he won't be as much of a ''cheese boy'' (term they give to people who like expensive things I guess).

Me, Elder Scatena and Elder Barrett at the airport.  Our best Donald Trump look.

 Oh yeah also I don't kow if I made mention of SukDev last week - if i even wrote last week?! SukDev is a man who lives in the compound I used to live in when I served in Matero. He is from Panjabi, India and is a Sikh. Well he has had some mental challenges lately and went to the Elders that stay there and asked for me because he thought I could help him. They called me and we went and met with him. He explained his problem but I'm not a doctor so I was only able to explain what I know heals people and that is a priesthood blessing. We explained what that was and gave him a blessing. Later he called us and invited us back and told of how he is feeling 50% better which is awesome. He also fed us Panjabian food which was so good. This was such a random experience but it's awesome how many lives we get to touch as missionaries.

When we got time for the area this week we continued to meet with all the members in the ward and wow I am so happy with this ward. Everyone is eager to help us in the work and they have all welcomed us warmly. It's such a great benefit to have Bro Mkochi in this ward too because he shows us where all these members stay. Without him we would be getting lost so much.

Elder Barrett was pretty sick this week so that was a bummer. Lately his stomach has been so sensitive. I just hope this next week he feels okay so that we can work hard every moment that we have to be in the area!

Now that we are getting more familiar with the area and things are calming down I'll be better about my blog! Im excited to tell you about all these great members and investigators.

Elder Grant Hiltbrand

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