Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nov 23 Transfers

Transfers always come as a shock! Elder Barrett and I both got transferred together to another area in Lusaka called Libala. Our area will now be added to the sister missionaries that are in our ward, so the sisters will take over the entire Munali ward, but get this, they both go home on Dec 6th so they'll have 2 sisters come and white wash (start new) an entire ward! Pretty crazy..

We had 5-6 baptisms coming up within the next month as well in N'gombe, the first one will be Margaret on Sunday and then followed the next Sunday by Donald and Malala, a wonderful couple. So yeah wer'e really bummed to leave this area...

So looking at Libala's numbers, they haven't baptized in 6 months. I suppose that is why President is white washing us there. We've set a goal to baptize within the first 6 weeks of being there. I'm really excited for the challenge actually. We will still be zone leaders too. I'm excited to be with Elder Barrett until he goes home 5th Jan. We've become great friends.

We will be the only missionaries in Libala ward. We meet in a very nice chapel. The ward seems great . Great bishop. Also Brother Mkochi is in that ward haha remember him?

Last week was the hottest of my mission but this week the rains are here!

Love you

Elder Hiltbrand