Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dec 21 Holiday Zone Conference (aka Party!)

This week was great! We had entire days in our area again and we made good use of them! Last week we were still trying to get to know the members - and we still were this week - but through those members we have met, we have started teaching a few investigators who are
progressing towards baptism. So this week we got to teach more instead of just meeting people and sharing small spiritual messages. Next week will be even better because our investigator pool is growing and we will get to start seeing people make changes in their lives as they prepare for baptism. We are hoping to baptize 1 or 2 on Elder Barrett's last Sunday (Jan 3rd)!

On Friday all the Copperbelt Missionaries came down to Lusaka for our annual Christmas celebrations. This year it was combined with a zone conference, though. I actually liked it a lot more having the zone conference in conjunction with the Christmas 'party' because the focus and spirituality was kept while still having times for fun. Elder Barrett and I were pretty late for the conference because the elders in charge did not set up properly so we had to drive all around getting keys and what not so that was a bummer missing so much and
humiliating having to walk in so late. We even missed the announcing of our new mission president! President Kufu I think it was? From Tonga! He will come July 1st. 

For what we were there for, we had a great discussion on the Prodigal Son and helping people to repent before they are baptized so they can be more worthy of the blessings
of baptism. Then the Christmas festivites commenced with a white elephant gift exchange and dinner and watching 'A Christmas Carol'.

The next day we finished our conference with a discussion on self-improvement and becoming living 'epistles of Christ' (2Corinthians3:3). That was my favorite part of the whole conference. Then we concluded with a testimony meeting. After the conference we had to transport missionaries to the bus station so that took awhile because everyone and their grandma was traveling for the holidays so buses were all booked up.. It even caused us to miss our ward's Christmas party. But its okay we will just attend the other ward's party on the 26th!

This next week is going to be a great one as well with Christmas! Then just one more week until Elder Barrett goes home.
Merry Christmas!

Elder Grant Hiltbrand

No power again.