Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nov 30 Transfers again!

This week we took care of all the transfers. This was a huge transfer! 3 companionships were transferred to new areas together - including ours. In all we moved around 16 missionaries who were either coming to Lusaka, leaving to other zones, or just passing through.

We dragged out our transfer until Sunday because we wanted to help the transition go smoothly in Ng'ombe since the sisters will be whitewashing there but they leave in 2 weeks so it will be white washed again. 

We attended Libala ward for the first time yesterday and I'm excited! The ward is full of long-time, established members and has a great Bishop so there's a lot of potential there. It was crazy trying to meet everyone though! It willl be even crazier this week though trying to find all their homes though! We had a baptism in Libala our first Sunday actually. A young man was supposed to be baptized a few months ago but it never happened and so the grandmother was in a fuss saying he should be baptized that Sunday so we got our District Leader to do an interview and bam he was in the water haha...Right after that baptism we then rushed over to the Munali ward to witness our investigator, Margaret, get baptized as well. 

After that we visited Brother Mkochi in Libala and he showed us around a bit but I think I've already forgotten all the homes he showed us ha.  Libala is the most developed area I've served in so far. Elder Barrett and I were even saying it feels like home a bit! It's not even close to home but still, paved, organized roads are a change along with tall apartment buildings. Oh and the airconditioners in our house are going to be great! (Now that we cleaned out that whole flat! Dang it was nasty when we found it.)


Elder Grant Hiltbrand