Sunday, November 8, 2015

Nov 2 Baptism

This week was hectic again, but great! There was missionaries going home on Monday so we had to pick up the ones in Lusaka and also pick up some that flew in from Malawi to take them to the mission office so we just emailed for 1hr and got on our way.. but that evening we had a small dinner party with some members and an investigator family we've been working with so that was great!

We also had tons of transfers on Tuesday that we had to take care of, so we had District meeting that morning then after that we were busy until 20hrs when we just got to go and do a baptismal interview for our candidate, Carol. Carol just got baptized yesterday actually! It was great. Her husband is a member and so her husband's family always supports her at church, but it was sad her husband couldn't make it for the baptism because of work or something...

Carol Mayeya and the in-laws (former branch president)
The rest of the week we had a few things here and there - trips to the hospital, doing interviews for District Leaders' baptismal candidates, mission office, etc etc, but we got to still work in the area and teach so it was great.

Rachel Zulu was also baptized yesterday. She came from the village recently and so when she got into the baptismal font she was terrified from all the water and was crying and so that was sad. She wanted to be baptized but just didn't want to go in the water. Eventually she did and was baptized but she is still a bit shaken up.

A miracle happened this week! We had another girl that was supposed to be baptized yesterday, Margaret, but she kinda went off the grid. About 2 weeks ago we heard from her that her mother said she can't be baptized until she's 25 (I dont know why 25?) so we met with the mother and the mother was still a bit disagreeable but said she'd allow her daughter to make the choice..well we hadn't heard from Margaret and hadn't seen her at church the past 2 weeks so we thought it may have been negative. Well we called up her mother and spoke to Margaret and she told us to come to the home and talk about it. We went to the home and the mother was happy to see us and Margaret has been permitted to be baptized! Also her sister wants to learn from us and the family will come support her at her baptism on the 15th November! So exciting.

We also had a few more people come up that have great potential to be baptized so we're very grateful. The Lord is good to us.

Oh yeah and mom I don't know why I just realized this but my shirts are really big on me, so they poof out of my pants a lot and so I took 2 of them to Brother Zulu to tailor and he measured me and tailored them and wow they're tight hahaha he even took some out of the sleeves so I look like a tool haha.  I had to wear one today because the rest were dirty haha but I'm just gonna give them to members or something...just thought you might get a laugh out of that..

Elder Grant Hiltbrand