Sunday, November 8, 2015

Oct 26 Craziness

Sorry for not writing last week and now once again this week I procrastinated writing my weekly report until the last thing and so now I have so little time woops.

Last week was very busy and very fast. We had more missionaries down from the Copperbelt Zone for immigration so we had them for 2 days and that's always difficult to get our teaching appointments in and such. I got to go to an appointment with one elder that is pretty new and it was a great visit but he also started crying in it not even from the Spirit but from homesickness since we were talking about families and the like. I feel bad for new missionaries when they're just adjusting and stuff  but I just hope everyone that serves here comes to love it as much as I have come to because mission is the best.

This week was a bit less busy actually so that was nice spending less time in the truck! On Tuesday we had Zone Meeting and we have been focusing a lot lately on being personable and not being robots (you know how missionaries can get sometimes).
The Lusaka Zone Conference
Also it was Independence Day this week so we had Zambian ties tailored and were really excited about it but it seems Zambians don't even have as much excitement about it as we did ha..

Oh on Monday we went to a crocodile/snake park with the zone and everyone enjoyed and sorry that's why I had no time.

We got to watch general conference this weekend. Great conference. I loved the talk about how the Spirit gives us personal advice and correction when we ask and also personal upliftment and encouragement.

We also had interviews with the mission president on Friday and mine was great, but Elder Barrett is upset because he asked for an extension until June but President wants him to go home on his original release date of January 5.  Now he realizes he has only 2 months and he's really sad that he has so little time left.

We will be having 2 baptisms on Sunday! Carol and Rachel. Carol is the wife to a Less Active member and is just super smart and it's so great to see the family going to be united in the gospel and I believe she will actually help him come back to church. Rachel is the grand daughter of the 1st counselor in our ward and so that's an easy convert haha. I think she moved here from the village or something recently. The family is the Zulu family. They are one of the greatest families I've met on mission and I've met so many amazing families haha. We're actually going there tonight for a dinner and FHE (Family Home Evening)  with them and another investigator family.

I love this work so much!  Time is flying by so how is it Monday again?
I'm so happy.

Elder Grant Hiltbrand