Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 18 Elder Ssengooba Round 2!

This week was insanity! Transfer news.

On monday we began our live Mission Leadership Council, so we went to the airport and picked up the Malawi leaders and then headed straight to the mission office and began the MLC. It was Elder Ssengoobas birthday so we had a super nice meal of mashed potatoes and crock-pot pork (idk, is that called a roast?). But that meal can easily make someone trunky! haha (;

The MLC took up the whole day on Tuesday as well and then Wednesday morning we took everyone back to the airport.  The MLC was mostly focused on the transition that will be taking place shortly with President Erickson leaving and President Khupu coming. Us as leaders will play a role in that transition and will be an important resource to him.

The Mission Leadership Council
On Thursday we were going to sit down for our weekly planning when we got a call from some elders telling us to come and counsel with them because they hadn't gone to the area for 4 days due to companionship problems. (Idk if I should share this on the blog since it shows missionaries aren't perfect, but hey we're people too I guess haha.) So we went and tried to counsel with them but it ended with them yelling at each other and inviting us to leave haha.

Well during our counseling together some more disobedience from other missionaries in their district came to our attention that was out of our hands so we had to report it to the Mission President.  We went over to the office and met with him and he asked to meet with all of them immediately and "see who still wants to be a missionary". Intense. (Fortunately, most everyone repented and is back on track.)

Well, after our counseling with President, he asked to meet with me personally.  He then called me to be an Assistant to the Mission President. He briefed me on my responsibility and how I was called because of my experience and abilities which will be very helpful in the mission president transition - even though I will only be with the new mission pres for 1.5 months.

I will be with Elder Ssengooba once again! and we will be serving together in the Matero ward AGAIN! It's been exactly one year since I was transferred to Matero to be with Elder Ssengooba last time ha. I am so excited. We will be on the other half of the Matero area though so it will be different and there's sooo many new faces from the time I left.

This will be an amazing experience for growth and I pray that I will be able to influence the mission in righteous ways.

We finished the week with a beautiful baptismal service for the Lukopesha Family and the Mweemba Family. Usually we hold services on Sunday, but we knew many people would come out and support if it was on a Saturday because everyone loves these families. So it was on Saturday and we had a full house.
No water at the chapel made filling the font interesting! Thank goodness we had help!

Primary children singing at the baptism.

Performing the baptismal ordinance 4 times and watching the other 4 was surreal. As I changed afterwards I almost felt like it was me that was baptized. It had a cleansing effect on me as well. I love these families so much and I am so excited for them. I know the gospel will bless their lives in so many ways. Participating in the 8 confirmations was also great but eish our arms were tired after all those! (;  I felt such love from everyone as we said goodbye. Bishop fed us that evening and expressed his love and respect for me. He talked about how he truly believes people are prepared for certain missionaries. He gave an example of Litambezi who was trying to join the church for a long time and finally managed while I was here.

We will be having dinner with the Mweembas and Lukopeshas tonight as well so that will be our final goodbyes! I hate to leave this ward!

Elder Grant Hiltbrand