Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2 The Wonderful Members of Matero

As I conclude this week I feel confident for the future here in Matero. Last week I was feeling a bit overwhelmed wondering if I would manage to improve this area like my last area. Well now I realize that we, as a companionship, can. That companionship is made up of me, Elder Ssengooba, and.. The Lord.

We had many investigators come to Church on Sunday. Even a new family of five! The father of this family is a brother to Brother Magunje, who was baptized in January. I love the Magunje family so much. They are a young couple with 2 children: Harrison (6yrs) and Cherish (1yr). The way they joined the church was pretty funny but it shows the family's personality pretty well: 

Sis Magunje would always sit outside with the neighbor women and they would see the missionaries walk by and people would gossip things about how we are satanists and so forth. Well, Sister Magunje decided she would find out for herself. She half-jokingly just went up to Elder Sagers as they walked by and bluntly asked "So, tell me about your Church! What church is this?" and that's how the missionaries started to teach them and the Magunjes soon embraced the gospel as they saw how it could bless their family so much. 

Well, right after that, Brother Magunje got pretty sick and couldn't work anymore. The Church has been able to provide support in this time of serious struggle for them. I believe that God guided them to the Church at this time because He knows the beginning and the end and without the aid that the Church could provide it would have been terrible for them. I pray Brother Magunje will regain his strength soon though and be able to provide for his family once again.

We actually did some service for them on Saturday. Rats and dust would come through some holes in their roof, so we decided we would come and plug the holes and clean the house. Then the Groesbecks (office Senior couple) even provided paint so we could paint the sitting room.The finishing touches after all the cleaning and painting was when we put a big picture of Christ on the wall as well as a picture of the temple in between their family photos. It looks beautiful now.  (See pictures below.)

Other than the Magunjes, we have some great investigators throughout the area. This area is huge! All of the members and investigators live so far from the Church but still manage to make it every week by either paying for transport or, when funds aren't available, walking. So count your blessings as you drive 10 minutes to Church whilst others are sometimes walking for 1-2 hours !

I love this work. I am grateful for such a loving Heavenly Father.
Elder Grant Hiltbrand

Filling Cracks

Sister Magunje with Brother Magunje on the right and their neice, Ruth, on the left.

In our tiredness we forgot to take a picture of it fully finished but this can make due.