Monday, May 23, 2016

Sikaonga's School

We realized that in order for our investigator Sembe to finish all the discussions by his baptism on 12th June, we would have to teach him at his house a few times. Usually we just teach him at Church since he stays VERY far, but we will be travelling to Malawi soon so we need to expedite the lessons.
He stays with long-time members, the Sikaongas. Recently they made their home into a school for the needy children in the community. Everyone in the family participates: Bro S is the headmaster, his wife is the head mistress and head teacher, his 2 daughters and Sembe (wearing a striped collared shirt in picture) are teachers. The fees are very cheap so that anyone can attend. I thought you would all like to see some pictures of the school:

Main Classroom (Previously the living room) 

Nursery Class


Headmaster's Office

Wall of Certification

The restrooms

The Kitchen