Monday, May 23, 2016

May 9 Happy Mother's Day!

This week we taught a lot but it didn’t feel like it. We had about 3 days where we were super busy and then also a few that we had fall-throughs and other disappointments.. But when you look back on the week as a whole you see it was really productive!

We had 3 investigators preparing for baptism on the 22nd of May, but one dropped off and will be baptized on a later date, and then one jumped on for the 22nd! So we still have 3! The one that jumped on was the son to Sister Mphalo who will be baptized on the 22nd. Sister Mphalo is wonderful. She’s the best friend to Sister Magunje. Her english isn’t AS good as she would like, but she attends the english class in Matero Ward every week! And she seems to really enjoy it. Seeing her leave Church yesterday beaming was awesome. I just get really happy when I see people recognizing the blessings and light that come into their life as they embrace the gospel.

We had another service opportunity this week! We were shelling maize. Here in Africa they usually leave the maize in the fields to dry out and then they harvest it and remove all the kernels (that’s what we did) and then they take the kernels to a mill which makes it into the flour they use to make 'nshima'.
The finished product: nshima!

On Sunday we went home with the Ngendabanka family to their new home and they fed us lunch. They’re actually a wonderful couple and doing very well together.
Skyping home was the cherry on top of a great week, but it made me realize how soon I will actually be home and it also showed me how things at home at basically the exact same as I left them haha!

Here’s some good news as well: 
They had 3 baptisms in Libala this week: Leyundo, Themba, and Natasha Mweemba - all people I taught! And then in 2 weeks they will baptize another 7: The Kanema Family that I taught and 2 more Mweemba sisters! Katherine, the Mweemba daughter who backed out of being baptized in April has now decided she is ready to make that covenant! So happy to see all of them get baptized!

Love you all,

Elder Grant Hiltbrand