Monday, May 23, 2016

May 16 There Was a Flood!

This was a great week in Matero! We are steadily getting more and more investigators to teach and to come to Church. A month ago we had 2 investigators at Church, but then we had 8 at church yesterday and it could’ve even been a few more if Bro Magunje (the investigator one) wasn’t out of town! I have never seen the Matero Meetinghouse so packed in the 7 months I have been in that ward! There wasn’t a single open seat. It flooded! (Ha, I know when you saw the title you were expecting an exciting story of a real flood, but this news should be even better!!) 

Next week we will be having baptisms as well, so I’m sure it will flood again. Sister Mphalo and her son Vincent will be baptized along with Gabriel Chola. Gabriel is the brother to an elder I served around, Elder Andrew Chola. He was originally serving in Sierra Leone, but when Ebola broke out he was sent back to his home mission where he finished the remaining year of his mission in Malawi. (He actually came to our mission with a letter for me from Cody Beckett.) Andrew will even be the one to baptize him next week. Gabriel has done a total 180 from his previous life to where he is now. He has really experienced the redemption that is made available through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

This week we had zone meeting on Tuesday. It was nice to just sit back and enjoy the meeting now that I am no longer a zone leader! But I guess we didn’t sit back the whole time since we got to present on Preparation day - no longer to be called 'P-Day' haha!

We also had a zone service on Friday. The road opposite the mission office was getting really overgrown and rutted, so to show the community that we can take matters into our own hands and help where we can AND to prepare for Pres Kupu's arrival, we cleared all the bush and tried to level some of the dirt. It didn’t look like a huge project at first, but it took many hours of hard labor in the sun! It was a blast though. I'd forgotten what it feels like to wake up with a sore body!
Also, during the service a man that was walking by stopped and spoke to the other Matero elders and they brought him to us since he lived in our area and we got to talk to him for a bit and we invited him to Church and he actually came! Can't wait to meet him and his family in their home this week!
It's such a privilege to be a part of this 'marvelous work'. It's truly a 'wonder'!


Elder Grant Hiltbrand

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