Sunday, April 17, 2016

Apr 11 General Conference Weekend

This week was a bit of a roller-coaster, but by the end everything was calm and pleasant. 

In the beginning of the week Martin told us that his family had elected him to travel to the village for some family councils which would take at least a week - especially since the village is on an island so he has to take a bus and then a ferry. He was also scared to delay the trip until after the baptism because he had a job offer in which they may call him in 2 weeks time so it wouldn't be good if he was out of town. We encouraged him to put God first, family second, and work third. And now it sounds like everything will work out just fine and he will be baptized and then travel next Monday.

That wasn't the end of it though. One of Sister Mweemba's neice/daughter decided not to be baptized. That was heart breaking, but I figure she'll come along in the future as she sees her sisters good examples and blessings.

Then Sis Mweemba told us that her daughter Natasha wouldn't make it for the baptism because the brother signed her up for boarding school for a month while public schools are closed on 'holiday'. The brother signed her up without informing Sis Mweemba, but because he'd already paid they couldn't deny. So Natasha left yesterday, crying and complaining, but Sis Mweemba is determined to go get Natasha and bring her back to be baptized and then get her back to school on Monday. So it will all work out just fine!

We are all so anxious and excited for the baptismal service this Saturday!

This weekend we viewed the General Conference with the ward. It rained Saturday and was soooo cold so not as many people came but we had a few investigators, but then on Sunday it wasn't as chilly so we had 14 investigators in attendance and they all loved it.

I loved the conference so much. I am so grateful for Apostles and Prophets to lead and guide us today. I love how the Church does not bend or change for the desires of its members, but only follows God's commands. I pray that each of us may learn God's will and follow it wholeheartedly. I pray that we may choose the harder right and not the easier wrong as our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, encouraged. (Read or listen to his inspirational words in his short message by clicking here.)

Now we are off to Mission Leadership Council! It will be starting today at 16:00 and continue tomorrow as well. This will be the last MLC with President Erickson. He has less than 3 months left...

Elder Grant Hiltbrand