Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sept 7 Did I forget to write last week?

I want to share an experience that we have been having with a sister we are teaching. She lives with a LA member family and we have taught her previously but she wasn't willing to read the BOM or come to church so it wasn't going anywhere. But we went back another time to visit her member cousin and got into a small discussion with her about controversial topics like gift of tongues and the like which we then led into how there was an apostasy and people interpret things different but that the truth is back and that's how we know all of this. It sparked more interest in her to search if these things are true so she read the Book Of Mormon and we read with her once and she said she believed it to be the word of God and we explained how that means this is Jesus Christ's Church on earth - the only true church. And she couldnt grasp the doctrine of the ONLY true church. She believes it is a true church, but the only? And so we have continued with her and explained it more and she now gets it. She doesn't believe it yet of course, but now she wants to REALLY search if that statement is true. So she is reading the Book Of Mormon and will come to church. That is what everyone needs to do to experience conversion. What we teach and testify as missionaries is that Christ's Only true Church is back on earth. That is either true or it is false, but everyone needs to find out for themselves from God.

I am excited for this sister. I know if anyone really, truly searches and prays the Spirit WILL manifest the truth!
We had exchanges this week and I was with Elder Draycott for his last exchange. We began the day with street contacting - something I have done seldomly on my mission. Separating time to stand or walk on the street contacting everyone in sight. Usually I contact people as we walk, yeah, but specifically doing that for an hour or so hmm? Usually I just tract. But actually it was great! It allowed us to find some great people. I'll definitely start doing it more now. We even found one boy wearing a CTR (Choose the Right) ring hahah.. I guess he's been attending another ward sometimes and now moved to this area..pretty awesome!

Elder Draycott goes home next week and also his comp, Elder Chiliza will be tranferred to Lilongwe, so that means I will have 2 new elders in my district and the mission will have 2 new AP's! Elder Sagers (Provo, Utah) and Elder Chipirango (Kampala, Uganda). I am excited for a change! This will be the second time Elder Sagers is in my district!

Things are going well. I love the work.
Elder Grant Hiltbrand