Monday, September 21, 2015

Sept 21 Best Week!

This week was probably the best week of my entire mission so far. We are teaching constantly and are enjoying everyday! I'm sorry I won't write much other than this haha! I'm growing so much and have grown a lot this week. Especially in my faith.


Elder Grant Hiltbrand

 A few excerpts from his letter to the family:
The weather is hot, dry, and windy. Very very windy. and Zambia is very very dusty so if were walking against the wind it's like walking in a dust storm haha.

We are now teaching a ton! All day. It's so exciting rushing from appt to appt and our lessons how been powerful. Things are now going really, really well.

And yep I actually was able to internalize what the ZL said and was able to see I DO need to increase my faith. I need to pray for and have confidence in the Lord's miracles. And I have been focusing on that this week and my vision has been raised so much. I apologized to the elder for my reaction to his challenge to me to increase my faith and he also apologized for the way he had conveyed it. I have read Hebrews chapters 11-12 and it helped me a ton. Chapter 11 talks about faith and 12 about the Lord chastizing us as he did for me. I'm learning and growing so much.
I do believe I told you all about Elder Zimene (his companion) maybe you'd forgotten or maybe I didn't but I'll do it again. haha  He is the only member of his family. On the 27th it will be 3 yrs since he joined the church. His family also says it is true, but his father is 2nd to the pastor in their African Methodist church (much much different than the Methodist church we are accustomed to when we visit Bibi and Grandpa in Pennsylvania. haha They dance and sing and shout here.) His mother said she will be baptized if the father will as is typical in Africa.
But yeah Elder Zimene is the best. This is one of my favorite companionships. And he is helping me grow a lot. He's not afraid to be honest with me and tell me my weaknesses so I can improve - which I appreciate! Even if it is hard to hear at first ha. For example being able to say sorry when it's needed and thank you when it's needed. Basically, humility. And I look at that and am grateful he tells me because for sure I'll need those skills in marriage!