Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 22 Winter During Summer

Well sounds like school's out for summer at home! But here in Lusaka we are freezing cold! It is winter in June and July here. So the morning and night are very cold but yet it's still hot and sunny during mid-day, so I still get roasted and my nose is constantly red! But all is well! Hope you all enjoy the sun!

This week was great. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened, just working hard all day everyday. We had a really successful week that's for sure.

I will tell of our investigator, Norah, again. She has been preparing for baptism on July 19th, but now her step-father is saying she can't be baptized and even though she is 23, it is causing her big problems. She knows this is true and has a burning testimony, but she is in her last year of schooling and her father apparently pays for a portion of her schooling, so she is afraid he will cut her off and/or kick her out of the house if she is baptized. We are all praying for her father's heart to be softened, but of course, our Heavenly Father has given us all the freedom to choose. It is just unfortunate this man is using his agency to restrict someone else's agency... But we will see how it all works out in the coming weeks!

Transfers occurred this weekend and Elder Ssengooba and I are staying together here in Matero and there were no changes with Elder Chiliza and Draycott in my district either, so I'm very happy about all that. Things are great.

Elder Grant Hiltbrand

We "fixed" an entire cake at District Meeting.

The biggest stadium in Zambia is in our area. We pass it every day multiple times.