Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15 Exchanges Finally!

This week was another good one. We had Zone Meeting where I got an opportunity to instruct and it went pretty well. The STL's (sister training leaders) also instructed on managing stress and we all did this breathing and relaxation exercise so that was pretty fun. I wont lie, you do get pretty stressed on mission, but sometimes thats good because it always pushes me to do better and work harder. But yeah we need to relax as well so we dont go crazy right?

Lusaka Zone Conference.  Still the tallest!

After 4 months of not having exchanges, I finally got to go on an exchange! I was with Elder Draycott while Elder SS was with Elder Chiliza. Elder Draycott is a great missionary and we were able to find a few families to teach together and just had a good time throughout the day. Its always good to switch it up a bit.
My comp and I are really tryign to look for families to teach recently. Our teaching pool was mainly YSA's, which is okay I guess, but the Church will be established much better when families join the Church. And looking at how the gospel has blessed my family, I definitely want that for others' families as well.
Yesterday we had a funny experience. We were walking by a Jehovahs Witness Church and a good-hearted, over-zealous man came out and saw us walking and came and tried to contact us and give us his card, but then i pulled out our card and got to show him the BOM on it - something he had never seen before and then we got to testify and teach a bit then he took the card (JW's dont usually ever take anything from us) AND we set up an appt with him! There is power in the BOM. And it makes sense that God would bring it forth during the Restoration as spiritual evidence of these things. The BOM is always like my shield in this work haha. Theycan give all these reasons we are wrong and try to shake us or deny us, but if they read the BOM they can not prove it wrong. So yep I hide behind it at times haha!
Today we just attended a funeral of the sister of one of the members of our ward. It was very powerful. It was awesome to see her family all bear testimony of the Plan of Salvation to a large congregation with lots of non members. You could just tell that they had a peace and comfort durign this loss as well. Of course death is painful right now, but they have that hope and knowledge of seeing her again. Im grateful for these truths and the opportunity to share them with others!

Good to hear Rushton got home safe!

The one and only, Elder Hiltbrand

Power outage this week, meant we had to cook over charcoal.
Do a bit of service...Slashing -- African lawn mowing. My blister is still healing.