Sunday, April 12, 2015

Apr 6 Easter Baptismal Service

Not much time today so I just wanted to talk a bit about the Baptismal service yesterday. There was no water in Zingwangwa, so the ZL's (Zone Leaders) used the big 750L tank again to get water and then all the young men were carrying it from the truck, down the stairs, and to the big baptismal tub behind the meeting house. But then of course it wasn't even half way full. So the candidates had to sit down and Elder Sagers kneeled down to perform the ordinance so that they could be baptized by immersion, the way that Christ showed us all and has commanded us all to be baptized. Super cool to see them make due with the circumstances. And it meant so much to these two men that were baptized. It was great to see them make that covenant and die and ressurect with Christ on the day we celebrate His resurrection!

It was a good week love you all thanks for everything!
Tsiku la bwino!

Mkulu Grant Hiltbrand