Sunday, April 26, 2015

Apr 20 Bab-a-tism

I had my second baptism (or bab-a-tism as Malawians would saw) this week! Rosalia Sinjani. We met her just a few weeks ago but she was just so prepared. It was always so enjoyable teaching her because she would read and prepare for every lesson so when we came it was hardly teaching but rather reviewing haha! Truly the Spirit was the one that converted her, not us missionaries. But as for her baptism:

She had chosen me to baptize, and of course its been awhile since Ive performed a baptism and last time it was children so they were very short. Well yeah, I almost broke a commandment while baptizing her..."Thou shalt not kill". The tub we use is small and I had forgotten to move up all the way. So when I went to immerse her, her head was going straight for the edge, so I stopped and tried to, ya know, scoot her forward or something but that didn't work so I don't exactly know what I did but I got her immersed and it was still great haha!

Afterwards she bore a very powerful testimony to the branch so that was so awesome to hear! But I almost didn't hear it! I was changing in the office and had locked the door and when I went to unlock it, the key would turn but not unlock! I was locked in the office haha! I started knocking because I heard some kids outside but nobody was coming...and I didn't want to make much a commotion because 1. there was a baptismal service taking place and 2. I looked like a fool locking myself in! But eventually Khama, a branch member, finally came to the rescue and I gave him the key under the door and he unlocked it from the other side just in time for me to hear Rosalias testimony. haha!

So yeah that was the highlight of this week! We also had interviews with President Erickson on Wednesday which was great as well. Not sure if there was some hints that I'd be transferred soon or if I'm just jumping to conclusions ahah!

Thanks for all the support!
I love being a missionary!

Elder Grant Hiltbrand