Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Apr 13 Tiwonana Mbwezi!

This week we had a lot of fall-throughs and so we didn't get to teach very much which is always a bummer as a missionary. But it was still a good week nonetheless! My comp and I have been laughing everyday and trying our best. And Brother Mkochi worked with us almost everyday so that was a blast! He was dealing with some personal stuff so he enjoyed getting his mind off of it and teaching people the Gospel. It's always a blast with him. Our personalities are very similar and we just get along very well even despite the age difference of 11 years haha!

But actually he has decided to move to Lusaka, Zambia because he has relatives there and there may be better opportunities for work and such there, so that's unfortunate for us here in Zingwangwa Branch! He announced his decision to the Branch on Sunday after giving a powerful talk in Sacrament Meeting ( we were basically the only ones he had told before announcing it so it was fun seeing everyones reactions - many people cried haha! ) He leaves tonight so on Saturday we had a last supper with him and Amos, another RM that he stays with. We slaughtered a chicken and had a huge meal! And the chicken was pregnant so it had small eggs in it which we boiled and ate. It was delicious. Also I made the rape (a green leafed vegetable or cooking green, often used in Italian cooking, that is related to both the broccoli and turnip family of vegetables), the green ujen (thing) in the picture! Yes the leaves are called rape. Hopefully I'll see Mkochi again if I ever get transferred to Lusaka! (If I ever get transferred that is.)

So Tiwonana Mbwezi (see you friend!)

Rosalia will be baptized next Sunday so that's something we will be looking forward to throughout this next week!

It's good to be a missionary!


Elder Grant Hiltbrand
Elder Hiltbrand and Brother Mkochi

Preparing the last supper for Mkochi.

The Azungu (white guy) preparing the "rape", a vegetable used as relish.

The finished feast -- Nsima (corn meal mush), chicken, and rape.