Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23 Lovin It Again!

Bho Bho!

This last week in Chilobwe was pretty great! Not a ton to report on, but things are looking up!

I wasn't too happy about transfer news staying here, but once I overcame my own selfishness and vain ambitions I have been able to get back to work and have been happy about it! And now I can say I am actually happy to be here another transfer!

Things were getting tough, but now we have found some amazing people again and are teaching quite a bit! We even had quite a few people at church on Sunday which hasn't happened for awhile!

I know tons of people here in Chilobwe, which is actually pretty fun! I have had to eat at the same (and only decent) restaurant for 6 month, and now we have really bonded with the owner woman and we chat with her all the time. She thought we were paid (many people here think that) but once we explained kinda what we do on mission and such she had a new view! She even bought us tichenji material and took us to her favorite tailor to have shirts made this week!
Cool shirts!
Brother Milore is back from Lilongwe where he was getting treated as well and he is doing pretty good! He felt too weak to come to church on Sunday, but he and his wife have testimonies and want to be baptized! And their son Joshua is doing great as well! Haha that kid is the greatest baby ever. It sucks how we can't really play with kids and such because of the missionary standards, but he tempts us! But we have standards for a reason I have a testimony of that haha!
I got to do my first baptismal interview this week and it was an amazing experience. Her name is Nancy, the ZLs have been teaching her and we have seen her coming to church for some time now. She is super ready. I loved to hear her testimony and just see her desire to follow Jesus Christ. The Spirit was so strong during that interview.

We had interviews with President Erickson (our Mission President) this week. Lately I had been feeling a bit negative to him I don't know why (I think because of transfers) but I was praying for love and respect for him and during my interview I could just feel his love for me and I could just see and feel how he is truly called of God and inspired. He is mindful of each missionary and we had a great meeting together. Love that man.

I'm happy to be here and my companion and I continue to work hard! "This is the Lord's nchito!"

Thanks for all the love and support!
Oh yeah I also turned 6 months on mission this week! They've been a great 6 months! Crazy I'm 1/4 done!

Love Elder Grant Hiltbrand
My District.
Tallest in the zone, Elder Hiltbrand?  No I have not grown!