Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jan 26 There're no bad days

Another good week here in Chilobwe, although, in this letter you're not going to find too much about floods or tornadoes or people dying in front of me!

The week flew by though! And I believe that's due to working hard and enjoying the work everyday!
On Tuesday, I led my first District Meeting and I feel it went well! The Zingwanagwa District is powerful! The sisters and the Beals and my companion are all great missionaries! We discussed more about committing people to baptism in the first lesson and helping them to see our purpose in that first visit because all to often here in Malawi people think we are just going around to study the Bible with people. And it's funny because before mission if the missionaries were teaching one of my friends at home and committed them to baptism the first lesson I would have given them fire, but now that I am a missionary I see how important that is because that's what we want for everyone since it is so essential! (John 3:5).

We had many many fall-throughs this week, but we didn't let it get us down and kept going and found some more great people. Although sometimes you might come home and want to say eesh today was a bad day beacuse we had so many fall throughs or something, but when I think about it, it was still a good day and I'm happy to be here. The days are truly starting to go by faster and faster when before they would never end!

This week we had a branch movie activity and it was sweet! We invited many people and challenged the branch memebers to bring a friend and we ended up having a huge turnout! We played a question game about the Old Testament that got everyone excited because they know the Bible really well here and then we watched The Prince of Egypt. Yeahh I watched an animated movie on my mission!
We didn't have any investigators come to Church on Sunday which was kinda sad, but I was pretty stoked that we had 2 less-actives come! And something really cool happened as well. During the meeting, 6 woman came and sat down in the congregation and it was obvious they hadn't been there before. Well afterwards we all went up and greeted them and found out they had come because they had seen us last week doing the service in the rain helping move the Nthenda's things to their parent's house, which as I mentioned last week, is very far from the Church. Well they all walked all the way from that area to the Church which probably took around 2 hours! The Church is true!

Although some parts of the week were hard, like I said in the title, there are no bad days! I'm loving this work!

Love you all, thanks for all the support!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Amayi! (mom)
Elder Grant Hiltbrand
Grant's new companion, Elder Ngendabanka, from Burundi.