Saturday, February 20, 2016

Feb 1 More Miracles

I loved this last week. 

The Lord is really blessing us lately and I don't even know what we have been doing to deserve it all! Everyday we just seem to have a member say they have someone they want us to meet or we just receive a referral from missionaries in the Copperbelt area.

We met with a few new people this week and had amazing lessons with them. One of those that stuck out was a girl named Faith. We got her number from some sisters in the CBZ (acronym for copperbelt zone). When we met with her and her mother we found out that they were actually related to a family that Elder Madilu taught and baptized in his last area! I guess his fruits are following him haha! She loved the message of the Restoration and despite her busy schedule working for ShopRite, she is making time for us to teach her on her only off day off, Tuesday and she is going to come to Church when she starts mid-day on Sundays.

Peter continues to progress and is reading the BOM from cover-to-cover. He managed to get the maid to come early on Sunday and he came to church! It was the Primary program yesterday (wasn't that supposed to happen in December?) and he said it was wonderful. It really was wonderful in my opinion too. There's something angelic about children's singing. We're acutally teaching a boy that is in primary right now, so he was in the program as well. He lives with members but since he's 10 it's our job to teach him! We teach him really simply and try to use pictures to keep his attention haha. I love those appointments because it's just a nice mix-up from our other normal lessons! I get to become like a child in those I suppose!

Today we went to the Crocodile farm as a District so that Elder Madilu could go as well as Elder Malingas' new trainee, Elder Tippets. It was great. My favorite part was the drive though since it's rain season now. (;   That drive was a lot better than when we got the truck stuck this week haha!

Elder Grant Hiltbrand

Our whole day on Thursday was kinda eaten because on Wednesday I was driving and got cut off causing me to swerve into another lane causing a car (who was speeding illegally and coming into my blind spot) to swerve as well and that car hit the curb and popped a tire which I didnt know. I knew they had to swerve but then they came up to my side driving very fast and were yelling (never said to stop) so I just drove off seeing their car was driving fine and wanting to avoid contention. Well they went to the police and reported me and got the address for the car (mission office) and went to report me to Elder Groesbeck, our senior couple office elder. He called me Thursday and told me the story so I went and met with the other driver and called a member in our ward that's a mechanic and he came and checked it all out to find that only the tire popped so we went and bought him a new tire so as to protect the name of the Church. If I wasn't a missionary I wouldn't have done anything though since it wasn't my fault and he had no claim. The police won't do anything either so nothing to worry about there (well they probably would if they knew I was a white man haha..). So that's why I withdrew personal funds mom. It's a wakeup to drive more cautiously though and also a testament of how orderly the church is. We got a mechanic there within 30 min and had an indemnity form sent to the man's email right then by our vehicle coordinator. It's awesome to be a part of this organization!