Saturday, February 20, 2016

Feb 8 Mission Leadership Council

This week was wonderful. We had an in-person Mission Leadership Council (MLC) for which they flew in the ZL's (Zone Leaders) and STL's (Sister Trainer Leaders) from all 4 corners of the mission to counsel together on what is going on in the mission, what should be implemented, and to receive leadership training ourselves.  The missionaries flew in mid-day on Wednesday and we drove straight to the mission office and began our meeting. We concluded in the evening and '' went unto our homes, and pondered upon the things which were said, and asked of the Father, in Christ's name, that we may understand, and prepared our minds for the morrow''.

Mission Leadership Council
Thursday we had meetings all day and then once again concluded in the evening. We met again Friday morning until mid-day and then we took everyone to the airport again.

It was 3 days of Spiritual edification that's for sure. As we counseled together we were able to discern the Lord's will for us and for the mission. I really saw the benefits of councils in the Church. 

A big portion of our meeting was the Worldwide Missionary Broadcast that was shown on 20 January. In our mission we weren't able to view it on 20 Jan due to not having the resources to do so, so we watched as the MLC and then we will be watching it with our respective zones this week. The missionary executive committee shed light on many fields of our work we need to improve on such as teaching by the Spirit, finding people more effective (through members), testifying more frequently of Christ. It was amazing to watch the broadcast and see that our mission is right on track. I'm grateful for such an inspired Mission President that introduced these concepts (for example: not tracting, but working through members) long before this broadcast even aired.

Other portions of our meetings included discussion on priesthood lines of authority. It's amazing to know that as a missionary we are only about 3 steps away from the Apostles. They receive revelation and relay it to General authorities who relay it to President Erickson who relays it to us. 

Elder Madilu and I also led a counsel on helping investigators and members receive revelation through church attendance and Sabbath day worship which I really enjoyed.

There was many other discussions but these were ones I thought of sharing today. I guess MLC is just a 'you had to be there' kind of meeting. Just like how we will never fully understand the counsels that the 12 apostles have, that's' how this was! So sorry I can't explain it very well haha!

After MLC, I got a new truck! We sent the old truck up with the Copperbelt STL's since its smaller and I got a newer, bigger truck. (They had an extra one that they wanted to give to some sisters in the Copperbelt but it was bigger than the one I was driving and way newer so I worked my magic and got the sisters to take my old one and now I drive a bigger, better truck!)

As for our area this week, we didn't have too much time in it, but we managed to teach a few great lessons. Christopher, a young boy, will be baptized this coming Sunday! We should follow his baptism with a few more 2 weeks later as well!

Things are really great.

Elder Grant Hiltbrand

Christopher's Baptism