Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jan 25 Never enough time.

Things are heating up in our zone! The pressure is on. Elder Neil L. Anderson (of the quorum of the twelve apostles) is coming Feb 19-20 for Priesthood Leadership Training for leaders in Malawi and Zambia but he is also going to visit with only our zone (the other zones are too far away) for 1 hour. 20 missionaries with an apostle and member of the 70 (Pres Carl B Cook). It's going to be amazing. I just hope and pray our zone can show them a good sample of the Zambia Lusaka Mission! I know I'm preparing extra hard myself haha!

We had interviews with the Mission President this week and it was amazing. I use those interviews to show me my growth on mission and this one I just felt so good. And I learned a ton! President Erickson is so inspired.  The whole concept of 'no-tracting' that he introduced is being applied by many of the surrounding missions and the area presidency and the brethren are taking note of it and really like what President is doing.

We didn't have much time in the area this week because there was another giant transfer..we had 10 new missionareis come into the mission. One of them is in my district, Elder Tippets. He's the epytomy of a greenie Utah missionary. Also after transfers were all done, Elder Madilu had to go to the hospital because he was having pain in what he thought was his heart. Turned out it could be ulcers or else some other esauphagus issue. He can't eat hot chilli peppers right now as it heals and that is enough to depress him ahah Congolese love chili. But he's doing much better now.
Loading truck for transfers.
We got a Church Headquarters referral this week! 1st one of my mission! I remember when I was in Malawi and would read about such things as Church HQ referrals I would basically scoff. Well we got one and have started teaching him (Peter )and his family and they're doing amazing! His son and his uncle came to church on Sunday but Peter was unable because his wife is a stroke patient and is unable to move her right side of the body and can't speak so the maid wasn't coming until 1500hrs so he couldn't make it. But they're all reading the BOM and really progressing but it's only the 1st week! 

Thanks mom, love ya, sorry no time today! You can rip apart this email for the blog please.
Elder Grant Hiltbrand

Got to look like a gentlemen, even when cooking Nshima!