Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jan 18 The rains have come!

This week was awesome. The momentum is starting to pick up!

We had zone meeting on Tuesday that went really well. We were supposed to have a Leadership Council beforehand with all the District Leaders and Sister Training Leaders but only one District Leader (DL) was on time. The others strolled in 15 minutes late, 30 minutes late, and the one with the keys 40 minutes late. I couldn't believe that and wanted to 'give straight fire' as missionaries would say, but I refrained so as to not ruin the Spirit for the meeting we were about to have. (I did have everyone read Doctrine and Covenants 107:99-100 though haha.)

In the zone meeting we focused, once again, on the concept of networking and collaborating with members and investigators so as to not tract and to be more effective. These concepts work wonderfully everywhere that they are applied, but yet we heard a few complaints and excuses and it goes to show that our success as missionaries depends on our attitude and diligence to work at learning new things like this. 

We conducted 2 exchanges this week as well as focusing on the same principles as well as more effective usage of the Book Of Mormon (which was also discussed in the Zone Meeting). Since I am now driving, I have to stay in our area with the truck and Elder Madilu goes in the other area with the DL. It was always fun going to the other missionaries' areas and meeting more members and all of that, but I still managed to have great exchanges with Elder Duncan and Elder Kububa in my area! 

To finish off a week of hard work we had the baptism for Enia and Hope Phiri! It was beautiful to see such pure little girls enter the waters of baptism. I surely felt the Spirit as I performed that ordinance for them. Enia was being fussy about what clothing she would wear for the baptism though and I had to work with her to get her to try on different dresses and trousers (our ward doesn't have those jumpsuits idk why), but she refused everything. Until I found this skirt and a normal men's shirt and made an outfit out of it and pleaded with her to give it a try. Turned out she liked it (although she still wouldn't admit it haha)! I was having flashbacks the whole time of me giving my mom a hard time about clothing as well, so it helped me to empathize with Enia - ha I felt like a parent!)
Enia and her sister Hope.
The rains have come finally! And so have the floods! Our area especially floods, so I'm grateful we have the truck! We got stuck in major traffic one day as we drove through town and then we discovered why when we found the end of the road was totally flooded. The little Camry's and Honda Fit's were struggling but our truck had no problem! 

I'm loving it all! Loving my companion. Loving the area. Loving the work!
Love you all as well
Elder Grant Hiltbrand