Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 17 The Ball is Rolling

Things are just too good these days. Elder Zimene rocks. Such a fun companion. And we are working hard! We had a really successful week and finally had a few investigators come to church! I have been pushing and pushing the past few weeks and finally the ball has budged and started to roll! (to speak in parables) We have had success in reactivation efforts and now have a few people lined up to be baptized in Spetember! Actually I shouldnt say we have had success because its not because of us but rather the Lord. I love being an instrument in His hands. On Friday it will have been one year since I began this work full-time and I couldnt be happier with what I have been able to do and experience this past year and I am excited for what the next one holds!

We had a Mormon Helping Hands activity on Saturday at another clinic in our area. A lot of the ward actually showed up and we did a lot of work! I got the job of mopping with Elder Draycott and a member and I think we lucked out. Sorry to say there was no labor ward at this clinic though...

On Friday I had a zone leadership counsil meeting so I went with the other DL in the neighboring ward and he is also training so we left 2 young missionaries to find their way through the day haha but they nailed it! Elder Zimene already has such a great grasp of this work.

Its good to be a missionary,
Elder Grant Hiltbrand