Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 10 I'm a "Father"!

Sorry I was unable to write last week and I can't remember too many details because so much happens everyday as a missionary, but of course it was a great last week with Elder SS. I actually didn't think either of us would be transferred and was hoping neither would because we had so many great ideas for the area. But he will love Malawi - everyone always does in this mission. We actually had a dinner appt. on Saturday and right afterwards that's when we got the call...last supper I suppose?

But actually we had 2 more dinners with members on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone loved Elder SS so much in this ward!

Well Elder Ssengooba left on Wednesday night when I received Elder Zimene, or my "son" in missionary language (a new missionary who Grant will be training for the next 12 weeks)! I can't believe how good of friends Elder Ssengooba and I became. I didn't realize how much I would miss him actually. One of the best friends of my entire life.
So Elder Zimene is from Zimbabwe. He just turned 19 as well, so it's not weird like I'm training some 25 year-old haha. He is the only member in his family and is going on 3 years in the Church. He is a fun guy and has an optimistic and humorous outlook on most things.

My new Trainee "son", Elder Zimene.
It's never easy to be a new missionary so I'm working on putting myself in his shoes.  It's hard to remember what it was like those first few weeks though now that missionary life is just programmed into me! But I am trying to be good to him and trying to be patient! He has a lot of potential. He is already a good teacher and bares testimony to everyone with boldness, it's just the social part of it I suppose. It's not easy at first to just stop a big abambo (man) in his tracks to introduce our message to them or to start a lesson etc. etc. But it comes over time.
We organized a service project with the YSA's (Young Single Adults) in the ward on Saturday at a clinic in our area. We got to mop and sweep and pick up trash. I was sweeping and picking up trash next to the "Labor Ward" so the whole time I was just hearing soon-to-be mothers yelling then wait for it, wait for it, then a baby starts crying haha.

Sunday was a great day as well. I was in the same Sacrament Meeting as 3 out of my 4 companions. Guess who showed up! Elder, or rather, Brother Ngendabanka (he had returned home and was no longer a missionary)! hahaha! (I thought it was a ghost come to haunt me at first..just kidding, it was actually kinda cool, but also super weird, to see him again so soon.) He moved here and has a shop in my area now. 
Love ya
Elder Grant Hiltbrand