Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 6 Interviews, J-Dubs, and Braii Masters

Pretty intestesting week this week!

Everything started out just fine, teaching lots, a great DM (District Meeting), and all the normal good stuff I talk about until Friday when every appt. we set except for the last one all fell through haha! So we tracted all day and I don't know what was with the area we were in but it seemed everyone was a Jehovah's Witness and they don't listen to any other Christian message or take anything so they just reject you, but it's funny because they don't want to just be kinda rude and say no in a direct way so they try to beat around the bush and give funny excuses and such, so I enjoy kinda playing around with them when they do that to help them see that no matter how you say it, you are still rejecting us. But actually through doing so we got to set up a few lessons with them to come and bring the BOM, that's what always gets them, the Book of Mormon.

We had interviews with President Erickson this week. This interview was so great. It was nice being able to have an interview while everything is just going really well because the last interview I was going through the refiners fire haha! President is definitely happy with Elder Ssengooba and the missionary he has become and he made some hints at us possibly being split soon so we will see.
On Saturday there was a ward activity and we got to help do the barbequing (or 'braiiing' in African English haha). We focused on helping ward members see their role in helping people who are coming to church for the first time feel welcomed and loved. We even did some role-plays with them which was comical..right when we told them all to stand and pair, so many of them bolted for the door. I guess they just all needed to use the bathroom right then or something..haha

(Red tie, white shirt, blue trousers, happy 4th! The only american at the activity...Elder Draycott is from Canada)
Sunday was a great day. Fasting on mission is never easy, but today made it a bit easier because we were so busy. After church we took 3 RM's (Return Missionaries) and had them show us some of the LA's (Less Actives) around Matero. We got to visit 3 and every one of them was so happy to have us all there and felt so loved. One young woman asked us to sing her favorite hymn, "High on a Mountain Top", ALL 7 verses haha..I have never done that and I have been hearing that song since I was in the womb!

We finished the week visiting the Tanzanian family I mentioned last week, the Asawiri Family. We read the BOM with Bro Asawiri, him reading swahili and us reading english. So awesome.

The Church is True
I love you
Elder Grant Hiltbrand