Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20 Curfew Extended

This week a lot of our investigators were busy so we didn't get to teach a lot of investigators, but instead got to visit a lot of members and less actives which was good since the ward is struggling a bit. We are focusing a lot on teaching everyone about eternal marriage and pointing them towards the temple, because if you have a goal of going to the temple, you start to do the things the Lord expects of you and your family. Even in Elders Quorum yesterday, Elder SS and I presented on eternal marriage using the "Proclamation to the World" to help the men see they won't be exalted without their wives so they shouldn't be coming to church without them either. It's really interesting being in this ward, but I'm learning a lot and I feel we are really helping.

So Tuesday we had Zone Meeting which is at the main chapel in Lusaka, which is the furthest area away from ours.  The meeting finished at 12:30, but we got home at 16:00. Public transport in Zambia is difficult. But we still got out and made the most of our day!

They have changed the schedule for us here in the Lusaka Zone lately. Usually we come home at 19hrs but now it's been extended to 20hrs because they feel it is safe enough and nobody has really had any problems in the past so they're testing it out in our zone now. This will help us to be able to see more fathers who are working during the day and their families which is great because those are the people who really help in the establishment of the church. So we have been coming home at 20hrs most of the days this week. It's really dark but we walk on the main roads so it's fine. (Don't worry mom we only got robbed twice this week no big deal! jk)
Love Elder Grant Hiltbrand