Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mar 7 The Glory Days!

Things are soooo good. Elder Malinga and I have such a great companionship and are having so much success.

We had 9 investigators at Church on Sunday! Even the Lukopesha family brought the kids and they LOVED primary!

Sorry I wasted all my time and forgot to write, but it was an amazing week and I'm just so grateful for what the Lord is doing in my life. This might just be the best time I've had on my mission. Like mom always said, the last 6 months should be the best. Should be the hardest I've worked as well!

Lots happening this next week so I'll repent on being so short this week next week!

Love you
Elder Grant Hiltbrand

The rain season here brings lots of unusual bugs to our flat. They climb up the drains and such. Recently we found a dried up scorpion in our book shelf. It was a smaller one though only about 1.5-2 inch long, but then on that same book shelf last night I saw a huge black millipede! Alive! It was nasty. We got it outside and destroyed it with bug spray and it was writhing around and even making noise until my comp smashed it with his foot.