Monday, March 28, 2016

Mar 21 No pants allowed!

Sorry for the title of this email, but it was probably the funniest moment of this whole week! To explain let me tell you of the Mwemba Family. They are a family of 7 we met in passing on our way to the Lukupeshas. We introduced ourselves and they allowed us to come and teach them. We have now visited only thrice, but that was enough to get Sister Mwemba and a few of the daughters to come to Church! They actually asked about coming to Church on their own ha! The family consists of Sis M and her daughters Vanessa, Natasha, Katherine, and Charity as well as her sons Brighton and Paul. As we have taught them Sis M has just loved it and it seems to click with her and especially her genius daughters. Charity is my favorite. After watching the Restoration DVD the Spirit was really strong and we turned to the family and just asked what some of their thoughts were and she was the first to answer: 'I'm crying'. Ha but really the Spirit was really strong in that lesson. At the end they asked more about church and Sis Mwemba said to the family, 'You all heard? Were going to Church tomorrow, be ready by 7:00'. So now here's the funny part: I explained how the meetings go and then Elder Malinga touched on how to dress and he said that women should not wear pants. All of their faces were so shocked and even repulsed by that statement so that confused us a bit. Then I remembered: pants means underpants here! The word they use here is trousers! So once that was cleared up everyone had a good laugh but Elder Malinga was definitely embarassed haha!

So Sis M and the three youngest girls - Charity, Natasha, and Katherine - came to Church. Sis M was just beaming when she came in. She is such a wonderful lady! The Relief Society in our ward is really strong and they welcomed her so graciously.  The Lukupeshas also came to church - except for Bro Lukupesha because he had a 'shoe blowout' on his way! I guess he soiled his shoe in a puddle or something since there was torrential rain Saturday night (I woke up 4 times that night so anxious for Church and fearing if the rain wouldn't stop to allow everyone to walk to church!).

Another investigator who will be baptized next week, Litambezi had a 'shoe blowout' as well haha! I guess the heel fell off his shoe as we was on his way.. He was really worried because he was supposed to be interviewed after Church, but we will now have it on Tuesday.

Nebby, John, and Mazuba, some of the other investigators we've been teaching, were all
interviewed and found worthy of baptism as well this week! So we should have 4 next week!

This week we had 2 exchanges. That was exhausting...

The first one was on wednesday with the AP's. I was with Elder SS in Matero haha who would've thought that would ever happen! We had a fine day and the whole day I was just praying Elder Sagers and Malinga would also have a great day in our area. When we met up they had had an 'unbelievable' day - not just a great day. Eight member present lessons in one day?!

Our exchange with the Lilanda Elders was also pretty great , not quite unbelievable, but still really great. I was with Elder Tema in Libala and Elder Malinga got to go back to his old area of Lilanda with Elder Wyman. Elder Tema was really inspired by what is taking place in our area and said he is also going to be focusing on families more now too.

I can't say all these miracles that are happening to us are because we are just so great or anything. We are trying our best, but just as the scriptures say, we are still ' unprofitable servants'. Truly, it is 'unbelievable'. I am so grateful to have Heaven's help in this work!

Love you all.
Elder Grant Hiltbrand