Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 18 Close to a perfect week.

The Lord is blessing us and our area so much currently. This week was awesome - especially compared to last week with Malaria haha!
The first time I have ever had pizza delivered to my house is in Africa!
We have Family Home Evening every Monday with a member of the ward, so it's helping me to meet everyone and also helping us to find people to teach as they give us referrals.

Tuesday was an interesting day..we had Zone meeting in the morning, but it is in the Lusaka Chapel which I think is the furthest Chapel from our area, so getting there took forever. But getting back was even worse. We have to take buses and they wait for the buses to fill before leaving their stop, so on the way back we had to wait in buses for over 2 hours...and so with the delay we had a lot of stress trying to be on time to appts and such..but we still had some awesome lessons!

On Wednesday we did some finding, and so I felt prompted we should go to an area that I had seen beforehand and felt we needed to go there.

Basically every house we knocked we set up lessons. My companion even said after our 1-2 hours of tracting that he had never had such a perfect day of tracting his whole mission. I could somewhat agree too!

On Thursday we went to our first appt. in that area we tracted. It was a young man named Benson and we had such a great lesson with him. The Spirit was just so strong. That started the day out very well and we went on to have many other great lessons.

Friday was another almost-perfect day like Thursday with tons of great lessons. We taught a man who was actually very stiff and difficult to teach but in the end was thanking us because he could just tell what we were teaching was true and made sense despite his unwillingness haha. Truth is truth. And the Spirit bears witness of truth to us. So we won't convince anyone. The Spirit will.

On Saturday our whole day kind blew up pertaining to our scheduled lessons, but we were able to help some less-actives. We went to go teach a family member of a less-active family but she was gone, so we found their son home (which is rare) and invited him to the Family Home Evening at the church that night. He accepted and joined us to go pick up another less-active. The next was a bit under the influence but wanted to come but couldn't. We then went and picked up another young man and were on our way. It was just sweet to see more and more people joining our small gang to go to zion haha!

Also speaking of being under the influence...we were walking home one night and a drunkard came up to us with a carton of beer in his hands asking us for some gospel books (pamphlets). I told him to drop his beer, so he set it down. Then I told him to kick it. Well he KICKED it haha! All over me! It was hilarious! Good thing we were going home right then though! Wouldn't look very good for a missionary to be smelling like alcohol...

Sunday was great as well. I was able to confirm Eric which was a great experience and an ordinance I have not performed for awhile! This ward is so funny.. people are always trying to ask questions in lessons to start a debate about doctrine..

I guess I forgot last week as I was so busy explaining the Malaria experience I forgot to mention we had a baptism! We baptized a man named Eric. He's great!
Well sorry this email is so long, but it doesn't even capture how much joy we felt this week or even half of the experiences!

But I'm totally cured from Malaria for all those who are worried..but now I have the flu! Zambia is trying to kill me!

Elder Grant Hiltbrand

My companion making Chipati!  He makes the best!

Thank you Foothill Ranch Primary for the great letter!