Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11 Taken down with Malaria.

So fun to Skype with Grant on Sunday.  He is doing well and looked well even after his bout with Malaria this week!

This week started out really good. But then I got take down haha.

On Tuesday, we had our first District Meeting with the new Matero District! It's awesome having the AP's in the district and having everyone contributing and participating. We discussed how we can implement the Book of Mormon more in our work and more in the conversion and reactivation process of all those we are teaching since really - if the Book of Mormon is true, everything we believe is true. That's why our message to the world and my message to everyone reading this blog is just to read it to know if it's true!

We started our day on Wednesday with a district service for some members in the ward where we were helping them harvest their maize (corn). They let the maize dry out in the sun while still on the stock then you come and harvest it and collect it all in a big store room where you then take the kernals off and dry them more then mill them into a flour for nshima (porridge). So that was super fun (and super hot). The rest of the day we saw a few people but also got to knock quite a few gates. And we got rejected quite a few times haha!

And so Thursday I woke up with a POUNDING headache. I thought that it was just a heat headache since we were in the direct sunlight all yesterday, so I didn't think too much of it and we went and did some errands. But when we got home that's when I started vomitting... I vomitted and vomitted. Nothing was left in my stomach. And so now I was just thinking maybe it's the flu or a fever or something since I also got some chills and sweats. So the ZLs (Zone Leaders) called and said "are you taking your doxicycline (antimalaria pills)" I said not really "but it's not malaria". haha so naive...

Well we decided I'd better go into the clinic and get a blood test to find out what was wrong and so the nurse stabbed my thumb and took some blood and sent us back to the waiting room. I wasn't fully there but when she came back I heard her simply say "He has it." so yep I was wrong. I got Malaria. They gave me some pills to take and sent me home. I tried to eat a slice of bread since you take the pills with food and I hadn't eaten all day and then I drank some water and took the pill. Well that came back up 30 min later partially dissolved...Yes, I swallowed it again...anything to feel better!

So the next day they decided to just admit me to the hospital to be on an IV since I couldn't eat or drink anything. They took me in and the doctor instead gave me an anti-naseau shot and an anti-malarial shot (In the butt. Eish you feel so vulnerable there face down with your buttocks exposed to a nurse with a giant needle in her hand!)

I was now able to force myself to eat and drink and slowly recovered each day. My last anti-Malarial shot was yesterday and now I'm feeling so much better and have gained back my energy and all is well! So yep that was the good news I gave my mom when I called home for Mother's Day! Hey Mom I have Malaria!

It was a bummer to miss 4 days of work in the area though! Also I'm grateful for Elder Ssengooba though since he helped me out a ton as I was dying haha!

So yep you all be sure to take your doxicycline and sleep under your mosquito nets!
Elder Grant Hiltbrand