Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mar 9 Time doth swiftly softly glide

This week was awesome and super quick! We taught a ton and just had a great time each day. Elder Ngendabanka and I are doing great! I love this guy now that we have figured out each other a bit more! Chilobwe is doing great as well - we are teaching most of everyday so I think that might be why the week flew by as well. But when we aren't teaching and have to find, it is difficult since I'm going on 7 months here and we only work in what is called the center of strength. Which is 30 min walking any direction from the church. Because as the church is growing here and we don't have many meeting houses all over, it is hard for people to walk an hour to come to church for the first time. So basically, I have knocked every gate or door in the center of strength! I could even tell you what many of the houses look like on the inside haha!

My favorite family we are teaching right now is a family of a man with Parkinson's who owns a shop that we have passed by many times. He saw us last week passing and sent a child to go stop us and tell us to come to his shop. Well we are teaching him and his family and they just seem prepared by the Lord. They are very strong members in Seventh Day Adventist Church (pretty common church here), but they are seeing the truth from what we have taught. This message is true and will bless this family so much.That goes for everyone we teach though! No matter what religion or what background they have, we see the truth working inside them - whether they accept it or not - and I just feel God's love for them and can see how the truth will bless them. 

I had some awesome pictures from this week that I was going to send, but they were destroyed today as I plugged my card in.. luckily I backed them up on a usb this morning so maybe next week! 

Shout out to Sarah Paul for getting called to serve in the West Indies Mission!

The Church is true!
Elder Grant Hiltbrand