Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dec 22 The Spirit of Christ(mas)

''It's Christmas time again'' and of course memories of past Christmases and traditions and such are in my mind, but it's going to be an amazing Christmas and the Christmas season so far has been great! We have been visiting members, investigators, and the like and sharing a message that is purely about Christmas and it has been a great experience. And we have been singing a lot of Christmas hymns in those lessons, at church, in our flat, and walking. I have memorized half of them on accident because of how much we have sang them.

Although I am away from home this Christmas, it isn't something to be sad about or anything, but rather it's something glorious because it is helping me to really focus in on the true meaning of Christmas and the true gift of Christmas, which is Christ. It is humbling to see the people here who don't have enough for any decorations or even gifts for their children. We are truly blessed where we come from and please always remember these people in your prayers and while you celebrate just remember how good you have it!

I'm thoroughly enjoying doing the same work that Jesus Christ did while we celebrate Him this Christmas!

On another note..
Mom, you were right..I shouldn't have been drinking unfiltered water...I started off the week with a stomach that was giving me mavuto (problems) and I had a headache (I blame that on the mosquito coils we were burning though). I woke up Wednesday feeling terrible and not in a condition to go out and work.. I was visiting the toilet every 20 min at least.. but then I took some medicine and got a priesthood blessing and waited about 40 minutes then we were on our way to Chilobwe, a 30 min bus ride, so if there was going to be any problems in the area that wouldn't be a fun bus ride home. But I was good for the rest of the day! Truly there's no way I could recover so quickly if it wasn't for God's hand in my life.

Thursday was another interesting day though..for our first appt of the day we were hiking up the mountain to the Makawa Family (a recent-convert family in the Branch) and I was having some fun jumping up onto rocks as we were hiking and so my slightly-shorter companion felt I was challenging him and also jumped up and he actually made it the first time then went back and did it again but this time his foot hit the rock and he fell forward onto it and his hands didn't quite catch him right so he nailed his fingers..he was in so much pain and felt he broke them so we went home and he had to take some pain meds and then rested for a few hours..then when he felt the pain wasn't unbearable we went back to the area! If we can work at all we are going to work! Just sitting at the flat for those 3 hours was miserable though..My whole mission I've always longed for a nap, but this experience helped show me I don't need one or want one I guess.. I felt super lame just sitting so I made lunch, washed some clothes, and updated our area book to fill the time. I used to be perfectly content just sitting before I left..mission teaches you to work and enjoy work!

Friday we went to the hospital (this hospital trip wasn't nearly as bad as the last one!) and my companion got his hand X-rayed just to make sure. Well it's not broken but its badly sprained! {Btw it cost $15 total for seeing the dr and having an x-ray..I'm sure you would have taken me to the doctor more at home if it was that cheap mom!} We also got to visit a few people on Friday though!

Sunday we had an amazing sacrament meeting where I got to speak. I spoke on my favorite Christmas scripture, Isaiah 9:6. Afterwards we had choir practice and it was such a blast with all the members!

Well it was a weird week but still an awesome one! We are loving this Christmas season and really feeling the Spirit!
Thanks for all the love, support, letters, and prayers during this time!

Elder Grant Hiltbrand