Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dec 1 Smile, Smile, Smile!

The internet cafe closes in 10 minutes from now so I'll make this quick. We're late today because we had a zone activity going to what I'm calling the African Yosemite..Mulanje mountain. It was beautfiul and so fun. We're not here to be tourists or vacation but it is important to have fun and we do have fun everyday in the work but also it was great this Pday to have an activity!

We got new sisters in our district, Sister Dlamini and Sister Browning
and they're great. Sis B is brand new and it's fun to watch another Azungu here and seeing them deal with things I also dealt with! We got to work in another area with our flat mate Elder Dlamini as we waited for his comp Elder Doig to come down from Zambia. It was great to teach with him for a few days and I learned a lot! We're making progress and working hard and we have some great families we're teaching that I love so much!

Also people here don't celebrate Thanksgiving (or Kwanza I guess? I
thought that was African Thanksgiving or something? if someone can inform me on what that is please do) BUT we did celebrate it Thursday night with 5 elders! I got to slaughter a chicken for the first time! And it was a terrible experience! The knife was way dull so it took a lot of effort and was just kinda messed up but hey we had fresh chicken, also it barely bled which was weird and creepy. But as for our feast we had jello, potatoes, potato salad, African cake and brownies, gravy, and chipatis! I'm fat.

Love you all
The Church is true!
Elder Grant Hiltbrand

Oh and as for the title today: Smiling in the work is the key to having fun and happiness! My comp and I smile at everyone and greet everyone! It truly makes you happier!