Friday, November 14, 2014

Nov 10 White is my favorite color!

This week my companion and I worked hard and then ended the week with our first baptism together which is also my first baptism on mission! Louis was baptized by my companion, Elder Chiliza, yesterday. It was amazing to see Louis take that step in following Jesus Christ into the waters of baptism.

So a little bit about him: We found him through offering to help a man build a fence and it happened to be a fence for Louis' house and so after we finished, Louis came out and offered us lunch and then we took that opportunity to have a lesson. From then on he progressed rapidly, but he faced a challenge of having school from 8-5 on Sundays so he couldn't go to church, but he decided to sacrifice time to come to sacrament meeting every week and has been doing so every week for the past 5-6 weeks. He even sacrificed the whole day of school yesterday for his baptism! He is 20 years old so we believe we will see him go on a mission in a year or so! That would be amazing to see someone I baptize get a call to serve WHILE I am still serving! Also he brought his sister to church and his baptism and she loved it so soon I think we'll be seeing Louis baptizing his own sister soon enough! I'm grateful for the opportunity we had to find Louis and help him come unto Christ. I'm also grateful for the Priesthood Authority which has been restored in these latter days that allows for the true ordinance of baptism to take place once again. (Matt 16:19)

This week we also had a great opportunity to serve Sister Chikapa as a district. She needed help carrying 500 bricks down a hill to her house and then stacking them.  And when I say bricks I don't mean the bricks we know in America.  500 of those would be easy. These bricks were huge. Carrying 5 at a time was a challenge! And so we had to carry them down this hill then from there we had to toss them to one another in a line across a riverbed then stack them on the other side. Well after throwing and catching 500 bricks our hands were ROUGH. and slighlty raw. But it was so worth it! And although it was hard work, it was super fun! But getting out of bed the next day was a bit difficult!

E. Parker, E. Muthoka, me being forced to shorten myself since im taller than them all, my companion.  Goodbye to E. Parker and E. Muthoka!
We also had another district activity where we set up a table in our
area and had pamphlets to give to people. It was super successful and we found some amazing people. The only problem was the mavuto children crowding the table. But they were fun so its fine. My companion looked at the list of numbers we got yesterday and decided to contact one we felt good about and the father immediately invited us to come teach them right then and so we did and they are one of the greatest families we have taught so far on my mission. I'm so excited for them and they want to be baptized on the 7th of December so hopefully you'll be seeing a picture of them in white in about them in a month!

Transfers took place on Saturday because Elder Muthoka, our Zone Leader, was going home. My companion and I didn't get affected directly, but now we have 2 new ZLs (Zone Leaders) next door so that will be fun! Also we got another set of senior couple missionaries here in Blantyre and they're working in our Branch! Elder and Sister Beal. They were so excited to meet everyone at church on Sunday and Elder Beal was even writing down everyones names and such so he could remember them, it was pretty funny. Oh and I went up to them and started speaking Chichewa just to mess with them a little bit when I first met them. I love couple missionaries and all they do to help us in the work. Can't wait to see my parents go on a mission together! (;

Well thank you all for your support and prayers! And also thank you
for the emails and MAIL! I got mail from America for the first time on
Saturday! So great!!

I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true!
Ndikuziwa kuti Mpingo wa Yesu Khristu ndi woona!

Elder Grant Hiltbrand