Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 25 The Count Down Begins

The past weeks have flown by and now here I am with only two weeks left... At least in these last two weeks we don't have anymore travels or other duties that will take us out of our area for long, so I get to really focus on the people and my purpose in coming on a mission: To invite others to come unto Christ!

The time we spent in Blantyre was so special to me. Blantyre is where I began my mission, so I have some very dear memories there. I was even privileged to go on an exchange with the elders in my first area, Zingwangwa.  I didn't take the exchange as a time for me to just go around and visit all my old friends, but I followed their plans and fortunately I got to see a few friends along the way! One of those was Louis, the first person I taught and baptized! He actually taught with us for most of the day. He is finishing college this year and then he will go on a mission in 2017! 

Grant and Louis, first person Grant taught and baptized.
The next friends were the Makawas. The Makawas were just recently baptized when I came into the area, so I got to teach them a lot of gospel truths that they hadn't heard or understood before. I was also there when a flood destroyed their home and they had to relocate to a house someone was in the process of building. Well now they have rebuilt their home in the same place that it was before...the highest house on Mount Soche! When they restored their home they made it stronger than it was before so that if floods come again it will be able to stand the storm. It was also amazing to see how well Sister Makawa speaks english now! They sent me on my way with a humble gift of 5 eggs. It was actually such a touching gesture of love because that's a large sacrifice for such a humble family.

The Makawas
The Meet the President Mtg in Blantyre was, in my opinion, the most powerful out of all 4 of the zones. I suppose that could be because President and his family have gained their footing and really understand what they are doing now. Anyways, I'm grateful I got to be there. It's been such a blessing to travel with the Kupus.
The Blantyre Zone.

After all of the travels it was good to be back in our home ward of Matero on Sunday!
I love this work. 
Elder Grant Hiltbrand