Thursday, June 23, 2016

June 13 Zambia combined conference

Oh man I was so exhausted at the beginning of this week because of all the traveling last week! (It doesn't even feel like those travels were last week..feels like last month haha!)

It was so nice to get back to work this week and have our planners filled up once again. We got to teach a lot this week and found a few more investigators that even came to Church on Sunday. Currently we have so many wonderful investigators. They're the type of investigators that ask us to come and teach them and if we can't fit them in they're bummed.

A few of the upcoming baptisms include:
Sembe, Hope, Kelvin, and Sister Judith Kalonga.
I believe I filled you in on Sembe. He was scheduled to be baptized this Sunday but we pushed it to next Sunday so we could combine with the other elders' baptisms, but theirs also got delayed so we'll see this week if Sembe wants to be baptized alone or if he wants to wait one more week.

Hope is the sister to 2 really strong recent converts, so they have really helped her know the truth. It's so nice to teach her because she already has a basic understanding because her sisters have taught her so much.  I spoke about Kelvin in a previous email. He's still working on getting some church clothes instead of wearing his 'swagg' to church!   Sister Judith is newly wed to a member and has been taking her time to make the decision to follow the truth, but now she has. She and her husband weren't at Church on Sunday because they went to her old church to officially break things off in a respectful way instead of just disappearing all of the sudden.

On Thursday this week, the Copperbelt missionaries came down to LSK and we had our combined conference for all the Zambia missionaries. I got the privilege of attending both conferences so I got to do some comparing. We had the same program and topics for both conferences but they were still quite different and unique.  From both conferences I have learned so much more about the temple and the covenants we make there. I am so excited to attend the temple again when I come home!
Zambia Zone conference.
This will probably be our last week of normal, steady missionary work before all the craziness begins with the Mission President Transition!
Elder Grant Hiltbrand