Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oct 5 Surprise!

Bizarre week! On Tuesday, we had an awesome district meeting and set district goals to baptize 12 people in October, which I know we could do. We then proceeded to have a great day...until we got a call late at night from the ZL's (Zone Leader's). I picked up thinking they were just calling to tell us more about the presentation we would be doing the next day in Zone Conference, but instead it was transfer news telling me I was called to be a ZL in Lusaka with Elder Barrett.  Elder Ford, one of the current Zone Leader's (Elder Barrett's companion) would go to the Copperbelt Zone. It was a huge shock because we weren't even half way through the transfer and because I wanted so badly to stay here to reap all that I had sowed over these months rebuilding this area, but the Lord has different plans and I'll go where He wants me to go.

So yep fast forward and they picked me up on Saturday and then we tried to take Elder Ford to the bus but we were too late and he couldn't leave until today (Monday) in a few hours. So we've been in a 3some for the past days and it's been just really weird for me but it'll be over in a few hours and all will be back to normal so it's fine.

We will be in a nice pickup truck, driving, because we have to run errands for the whole zone - the biggest zone in the mission. Elder Barrett will drive though, which is fine by me. It's going to be a great experience taking over this new assignment and I'm excited to learn and grow and help the zone to as well. The zone is already going in a great direction and should baptize around 30 people in October which is about all the whole mission baptized in the past 2 months. No credit to me though, I've only been a ZL for 2 days now ha! But also I don't believe that the big increase is just attributed to leaders either anyways.

My new area is called Ng'ombe, which being interpreted, means "cow".

It is a great area with many awesome members. I remember being in this area on an exchange a few months ago and I loved it.

We also now meet in the Lusaka Chapel.  First time in a chapel on my mission, it's awesome.

The Lusaka Chapel

Elder B seems to be a character. He has a huge personality and firmly believes he will someday be the President of the USA. He's a hard worker and we should accomplish great things together until he goes home in January. (unless he gets the extension that he has requested to extend his mission until June).

Well needless to say I'm super excited for this new responsibility! If you have questions about my duties and the like please ask questions.

Also we had Zone Conference on Wednesday and we are changing the way we do missionary work. President has declared November to be "No tracting November". We don't want to tract anymore ever again in this mission. We want all finding to be done through members because that will allow us to be more effective and have more people join the church. It will be difficult to make the transition but it should be great!

I love you and I love this work!
Elder Grant Hiltbrand
Leaving the Matero Church Building