Monday, October 13, 2014

Sept 29 Phephani phalibe time!

Btw I only type chichaywa words I know, that says “sorry no time”.
The internet was down today so our schedule got all messed up, so I don't have much time to email today!

To sum up the week: We taught a ton of great lessons and found some amazing people who are just so prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

We also had a chance for service because we found this water pumping station so we pumped water for the people of Chilobwe for awhile.  The kids there were going crazyyy because I’m an azungu.  I love when kids play with me and are happy about the azungu rather than the other kids who will taunt me or the teenagers who will cuss at me or even the drunkards who will harass me just because they want to show that they can speak English...

Pumping Water
One of the member families in our branch, the Makawas, recently moved and they moved onto Soche  mountain, the mountain our area is at the base of.  The house that they built is the highest house up Soche right now though.  It's quite the hike.. but the view is worth it! And the family is worth it as well!

Oh also I learned how to make porridge with Ufa! Ufa is maize powder
that is the staple food for everyone in Malawi. It’s quite delicious actually.
So I mentioned Bro. Milos last time, or maybe I didn't give his name,
but he's the man who has crazy things about the Book of Mormon. So we
met with him again and this time he went off about how it took place in America and then went off about how bad America is and was actually quite racist.. I'd never experienced racism towards me until coming on mission, but it’s not fun! But the key is to be patient and to not take it personally!

I love being a missionary and I'm so grateful for the privilege!